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Copyright (c) 1998 by Mark Zellner, Greg King, Jerry Martin, Jon Alfrey, and Doug Perry

Publisher: Thundercage

Performing Rights Society: ASCAP


Once upon a time
There was a world I left behind
But, it’s over
And, I long for my home
Far away from me
Will you pray for me?
Take me – Back to my home
Once again

Come with me tomorrow girl
You and I shall see
A magical mystery mountain side
A castle of white ivory
Where skies are blue, Just me and you
Eternity is on our side
Where a love so strong,
Lives on and on
Forever more in paradise
Oh – A place called heaven

We can let our love shine on forever
A gateway made of every precious stone
Where golden pillars reach up to a rainbow
And there we are, just you and me
If only all of this could be

Come with me tomorrow girl
You and I shall see
Oh what a beautiful paradise
A land of peace and harmony
I close my eyes and fantasize
The way it used to be
I’ll find the way, until that day
I’ll close my eyes and dream
Oh – A place called heaven

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