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Sunday, 05 September 2010 17:23



Copyright (c) 2001 by Mark Zellner, Jon Alfrey, Jerry Martin, and Doug Perry


Performing Rights Society: ASCAP


Welcome to my world unknown,

It's not who you are, it's who you know,

Energy flowing through my veins,

Tranquilized, I feel no pain,

Sick and tired of paying my dues,

Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,

It's a lonely world, it can be so cold,

Gotta keep moving before I get froze,

Hey you, I got your number,



I walk alone, don't need nobody there by my side,

I'll break the rules, before I let you take away my pride,

Live by the sword, die gracefully, a peaceful man,

One by one, I gain control of this restless land,

Living by the sword....


I am, in the eye of the storm,

I wanna tear down wires, break down doors,

It's a dog eat dog, it's a rat run race,

Still I smile, smiling  in your face,

Wherever you go they're knocking you down,

They laugh in your face and kick you around,

Don't you try and stand in my way,

Nothing's gonna stop me now, no way,

Hey you, I got your number....




When I was a young boy, I had a little dream of my own,

I looked up in my daddy's eyes, said son you can't do it alone,

Gotta get yourself together and know just what you want,

Never let good things pass you by,

So move on over, step aside, let me make my move,

It's been a long hell paying my way, In a world of make believe,

I'm still learning the hard way, Using every wrong tool,

I must find my path, Someone please help me.... Yea..


Help me.... Oh yea,

Living by the sword..

Living by the sword..




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