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Sunday, 05 September 2010 14:26

Song: HOOK


Copyright (c) 2001 by Mark Zellner, Jon Alfrey, Jerry Martin, and Doug Perry


Performing Rights Society: ASCAP


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I see it coming, A mile away,

It's real for me, For you it's grey,


All that is, Change in many ways,

A great many things, Stolen in daze,


They thought it done, Reeling with stubs,

We've got them now, Eaten alive at the hubs,


The sway of the balance, Goes up and down,

The more he fights, Stripping his crown,



Attacked on all sides, Down comes his throne,

The greed will not give, Cut to the bone,

Your friends fight with you, You can't sell it for free,

We'll be back for you, Just a memory,


He tries to help, but he can't see,

He's blinded by money, to charge his fee,


The incredible numbers, It's only time,

When equality strikes, they come from behind,


He's very nervous,What truth may be told,

Everything out of control, His future on hold,


Fairy tales are revealed, What wonder to see,

He works again, He works for we,




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