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Copyright (c) 1998 by Mark Zellner, Greg King, Jerry Martin, Jon Alfrey, and Doug Perry

Publisher: Thundercage

Performing Rights Society: ASCAP


A world of hell is falling down around you
You find yourself asking “why”
Troubled times are on your head
And you feel like you wanna cry

So, stand up straight
Don’t hesitate
You’ve got the power to choose
No matter what they say, you’re gonna do it your way
When you got nothin, there’s nothin to lose
So what do you do?

Rise on up and make your stand
(You got hell to pay)
You can let it go, and take that blow again
(You got hell to pay)
You can’t turn back – No
(You got hell to pay)
So, make that change, and do what’s best for you

People in town, always messing you around
You try so hard to forget
You walk by, you say “Hi”
But, you always get the same old shit
It’s a woman or a man, does he squat or stand
Your hair’s just too damn long
Well, I’m a peaceful man
But, I’ll make my stand
So, you’d better not do me wrong


Now you had your fun, where you gonna run
Well, I got something to say
No matter what you got, ready or not
You’re gonna lie in the bed that you made
Sitting, drinking, all alone, whisky on your brain
Maryjane, cocaine, you don’t feel no pain

Stand up straight, don’t hesitate
You got the power to choose
You’d better drive on out of the fast lane
Before it gets the best of you


So, you want to play
Well, then you’ve gotta pay

Time is running out baby
You had your fun
Now, just where you gonna run

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