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Monday, 01 March 2010 06:26

Comments from Listeners

** NOTE: The following comments have not been solicited and are actual opinions of listeners based strictly on the song they are hearing. They have no idea what band is playing the song until after the song is evaluated. Comments are strictly optional and not all listeners leave comments.

GarageBand.com comments on 'Bringin Me Down'

great guitar work! I like the guitar work.. reminds me of Zakk Wylde. The vocals are good too. Like the groove! Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody, Beat Reviewed by: What_a_Trip from Kansas City, Missouri

Groove to your Death... What a frikin' groove! The vocals remind me a bit of Alice in Chains but not too much. The groove is the killer here! Extra Credit: Guitars, Beat Special Award: Most Rocking Track Reviewed by: Cluj from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Worth a listen. A song that grows on you throughout the duration of it's playing time. Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Beat Special Award: Grooviest Rhythm Reviewed by: Jusoda2001 from London, UK

good groove This sounds alot like Black Label Society. The guitar is nice and heavy and i like the catchy vocals. This is a good song witha good sound. It may be a tried and true style of playing, but it sounds fresh compared to all the Korn wanna be bands out there. Rock on. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Production Reviewed by: voidgazer from Columbus, Ohio

I Smell Destrucion sweet guitar riffs...loud and heavy....i love the effects....pretty good vocalist....i loved the heaviness and the awesome beat u put out....i am very pleased with this song. Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Beat, Mood Reviewed by: viledisorder from Fall River, Massachusetts

Likes the guitars! This is a pretty damn good track. The guitar seems like a mixture of Tool at the beggining and Staind somewhat in the middle. The vox were pretty comparative to Lynn Stanly of Alice in Chains, could use a little better production but deffinatly something is brewing up here. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Beat Reviewed by: DannyBoy81 from Lombard, Illinois

nice guitar track rockin feeling... Special Award: Best Feel Good Track Reviewed by: cbeaudin from Colorado Springs, Colorado

good ...... keep on improving tight band..... the song in the hold sort of like reminds me of metallica songs..... i like the guitar...( yeah u guess it rite i am a guitarist myself)... i see potential in this Band..... who knows... : Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody Special Award: Best Potential Movie Soundtrack Reviewed by: thaddae from Singapore, Southeast Asia, Sin...

Not Bringing Me Down! What are you guys still dong here? you should be playing sold out stadiums somewhere! It's all good! A little too much like godsmack... Extra Credit: Guitars, Production tacobear - Dallas Texas, Texas

Great guitars. I love the guitars, good riffs, great sound, very aggressive. The vocals are okay. I think a less whiny vocal melody could be found. The vocals need to be as loud and aggressive as the guitars, without losing melody (barking vocals are bad). A good song. Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Beat Special Award:Most Rocking Track wisepeppy - Watertown, South Dakota

Hard Rocker for the millenium An extra three points on the guitar, great catchy riffs, wicked tone. Even the solo was cool (I hate solos) The vocals are very, very good, modern, but not rapping or screaming. The drums were okay, nothing to call home about. Great song. Extra Credit: Guitars, Production Bray - -Other-, Canada

hmmmm Whitfield Crane on Vocals? Spitcher - Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada

Thank U Jebus(or jesus):} U guyz RoCK!!!!!awsome music.KEEP KIKIN A**!!!!!!!! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood thrshbritmetal1 - Homewood, Illinois

Good track. This one. Nice and heavy. Not too bad. Liked the guitars. They were good. Nice effort. Extra Credit: Guitars, Lyrics Fhrx - Phoenix, Arizona

hedz noddn... I wish the vocals didn't follow the guitars so close- but good thick production- head noddn kind of song- YEQUALS - San Antonio, Texas

awesome hit great tune Extra Credit: Drums, Lyrics Special Award:Most Bitter Breakup Song tanyaa - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

real nice riffs real nice riffs, great vocals, lots of character, good tune. lumpygravy156 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Cool Track It's very cool, I like the riffs played. It all fits together very well. Don't stop playing. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Melody, Beat Special Award:Coolest Chill-Out Track tq_32 - Pueblo, Colorado

Not Bad for Metal Kind of catchy even for casual metal fans Extra Credit: Male Vocals DoktorAvalanche - Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Alice Could be aAlice in chains song. xplicitnoize - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

GarageBand.com comments on 'Big Secret'

Hooked Great Intro You had me hooked b4 I even heard the first note Some keys would be good Good job Reviewed by: WhiskeyRichard from Grand Island, New York

familiar territory the intro was good idea, but a little too long and heavy handed. the song itself seems to be pretty good, but there's nothing terribly unique about it. seems like something i've heard before even though i know i haven't... Reviewed by: j_mls from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

very cool intro ain't working for me, like the riff after it a lot, not a whole lot to improve on... make more songs. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood Special Award: Most Rocking Track Reviewed by: stormrider13 from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

real professional i like Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Beat Reviewed by: steveronz from Green Bay, Wisconsin

kickin!! fresh song guys! You guys rock!! keep it real!! Reviewed by: taz451 from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

GarageBand.com comments on 'Living By The Sword'

good song i liked the intro and chorus the best in the song, awesome guitars Reviewed by: hardcoredentist from Austin, Texas

a pretty good song. i like the guitars, but the drums are a little boring and the vocals are a bit weak. Extra Credit: Guitars Reviewed by: Arcane667 from Taft, California

Keep the good work guys ! Hi guys ! I would just like to say I love it ! The metal scene needs more good bands like you. Extra Credit: Production, Beat Special Award: Most Rocking Track Reviewed by: Metal_Maniac from Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada

pretty good its a good song, production is really good......but nothing stands out, no particular instrument....needs something to catch your ear better....the intro was kool but then it stayed the same throughtout Extra Credit: Production Reviewed by: Receiver from Miami, Florida



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