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Monday, 01 March 2010 06:10

Publication: Ultimate Metal Review
Location: Clayton, North Carolina
Author: Andrew Smith
Web Site: http://www.metal-reviews.com

Lost Angel--Destination (1998/LAD)

An extremely talented and promising group from Ohio. The playing is very tight, with sustained chords mixed well with both timely riffs and pull-offs. Musically, it reminds of several older bands---but gives a fresh approach to all of the sounds. Very solid foundation wise, ala Tesla, a very heavy UFO, or the thickest of Leatherwolf. The chunk chords also remind of NWOBHM mainstays like Accept and Saxon on occasion--though there's more musical variety here than with those bands. Vocally, Biff Byford is brought into mind several times. Thick chords and overall drive get things moving with opening track "Rock." Both "Gateway to Heaven" and "Bitch From Hell" are solid, with the latter having ripping chords and a strong rhythm backbone.
A light intro feel to "Kiana" gives way to compact and bottom-heavy chords and singing, and is one of the disc's top tracks through-and-through. Swift chops cut like a razor through "Comes Around Goes Around," and "Hell to Pay" is heavy and solid---menacing guitar chords mixed with exact notes and phrasings. In all, just plain impressive. A great listen, and the fact that the band is an indie makes the entire experience all the better.

HOT CHOPS: The pre-chorus to "Kiana" has a great vocal-and-guitar mixed section that gets the head bobbing from side to side---It's the line that goes "...When we touch in the middle of the night..." It's layered just right! Another impressive portion is the post solo guitar trade-offs in "Hell to Pay," which then give way to a biting and caustic vocal verse. Nice!!

TRACK LIST: Rock/Comes Around Goes Around/Kiana/Bitch From Hell/Gateway to Heaven/Hell to Pay/A Place Called Heaven (The Lost Angel)/Nights Off
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