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Monday, 01 March 2010 05:47

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CD Reviewer: Joe Champion This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Lost Angel - Psychosomatic May 2001 | Released: 2001, Independent | Rating: 3/5 | Reviewer: Joe

Hailing from Ohio and performing since 1992, PSYCHOSOMATIC is Lost AngelÆs second independent release. Their first CD, DESTINATION (released 1998), is described as "...more melodic æ80's type music..." while PSYCHOSOMATIC is described as "...an up-to-date sound with raw, unbridled power"... Uh, yeah... Right. Lost Angel are by no means a bad band, but neither are they a Metal band. Some Metal influences can be heard (I hear some Black Sabbath in their music...), but for the most part they are a Hard Rock band. I have to compliment the band on the quality of the production and layout of the inserts. ItÆs not often that you see independent releases of such high caliber. Musically, Lost Angel sound like theyÆve listened to their share sludgy stoner bands. While not all the songs on PSYCHOSOMATIC sound like this, a few do... The CD opener "Bringing Me Down" and "Senses" sort of have a sound similar to that of Southern sludge rockers Raging Slab. Other tunes, like "Living By the Sword" and "Big Secret" are straight forward Hard Rock, and "Innocent to Blame" sounds like an updated version of Jethro Tull. In a nutshell, Lost Angel manages to incorporate many of their influences into a cohesive sound that doesnÆt go off on different tangents. They have found their niche (for this record, at least...) and don't steer away from their chosen musical direction, thus creating a CD with a "unified" sound, which something many independent bands have difficulty doing. And I know this has nothing to do with the bandÆs music, but bassist Doug Perry looks just like æFriendsÆ star Matthew Perry! TheyÆve gotta be related... Anyway, for more information on Lost angel, visit their website at:  www.lostangel.com

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