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Monday, 01 March 2010 05:45

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CD Reviewer: Steve Gottlieb

LOST ANGEL - Psychosomatic (Self-Released)(Canada) (Score: 3 out of 5 Battle-Axes)

After kicking out their former vocalist, this Ohio-based band handed over lead vocal duties to drummer Jon Alfrey for Psychosomatic, their second album, and the result was a positive one. Lost Angel's brand of straight-ahead hard rock/metal is well written and well played, and should satisfy any fan looking for something with an edge but without being 'extreme.' Alfrey's vocals are mid-ranged and powerful, coming across like a metal version of the vocalist from Social Distortion (how's that for a reference!?!) Most of the tracks are mid-paced with a gritty-feel, and generally keep the listener's interest. Every now and then they kick it up a notch, making tracks like "Living by the Sword" stand out from the pack. The album could have used a few more catchy choruses, and a few of the riffs tend to sound similar by album's end, but overall this is a fine choice for someone looking for non-commercial hard rock-style metal. (Steve Gottlieb)

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