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Monday, 01 March 2010 05:39

Publication: Metal and Hard Rock Area
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Author: Keith Langerman
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Lost Angel "Destination" 9/10

"Destination" is the hard rocking debut album from the Cleveland, Ohio based hard rock/metal band Lost Angel, who play an intoxicating blend of metal that combines influences from Ratt, Aerosmith, Saxon, AC/DC and Def Leppard to produce an album that recalls the best of '80's heavy metal! And recall it well! This metal quintet, which consists of guitarists Mark Zellner and Jerry Martin, vocalist Greg King, bassist Mike Gatrell and drummer Jon Alfrey have produced an album that is both heavy and melodic, full of memorable songs in the grand traditional metal vein! Vocalist King sings in a style that is reminiscent of Ratt's Stephen Pearcy mixed with Biff Byford of Saxon, with inflections that recall at times AC/DC's Bon Scott! His versatility is no more evident than on the infectious "Bitch From Hell", where his vocals begin by sounding like Byford, then sounding like Pearcy, then Scott during the breakdown! Also in need of mentioning are the great background vocals as four out of the five members of the band sing! Guitarists Zellner and Martin provide a very potent dual guitar attack, one that is very tight, creating riffs that are both heavy and hook laden at the same time! This very talented guitar duo most definitely can play, also unleashing great guitar leads in the finest metal tradition. Check out their ultra heavy riffs and frenzied leads on "Nights Off", a great metal song that comes complete with a false ending! Then there's the fine rhythm section of bassist Gatrell and drummer Alfrey, who do a tremendous job making these songs rock heavy! Lyrically the songs don't cover any new ground, dealing with the usual metal subjects such as wicked women("Bitch From Hell"),making your stand("Hell To Pay"), heavy metal("Rock")etc., but it certainly is a refreshing change from either deep philosophizing or whining about how hard life is,that's for sure!! Independently released, the sound on "Destination" is great! Definitely up to major label standards! "Destination" is a very impressive debut album from a band that knows that melody and well crafted songs DO belong in metal! This is an album that can beplayed over and over without getting the least bit boring. Fans of '80's styled melodic metal should eat this up! (For information on ordering this
fine CD, or to find out more about Lost Angel, go to the band's website at http://www.lostangel.com )

Band Personnel:
Mark Zellner:Guitar,Backing Vocals
Greg King:Lead,Backup Vocals
Mike Gatrell:Bass
Jerry Martin:Guitar,Backup Vocals
Jon Alfrey:Drums,Percussion,Backup Vocals

Produced by Lost Angel
Release Date: Fall 1998
Total Time:37:56
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