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Monday, 01 March 2010 05:34

Publication: Catchy Hooks
Location: Sweden
Author: Wally Wallstrom
Web Site: http://trax.to/catchyhooks

1.Rock 2.Comes around goes around 3.Kiana 4.Bitch from hell 5.Gateway to hell 6.Hell to pay 7.A place called heaven 8.Nights off

Holy Macaroni! Lost Angel is a band from OHIO/USA that plays world class Melodic Metal from the 80's with some incredible catchy hooks:-) If you're into bands such as "Firehouse/Black'n'Blue the first album with Skid Row mixed with some power chords from AC/DC" you're gonna' love this stuff.

The lineup of"Greg King(Vocals)Mark Zeller(Guitar)Jerry Martin (Guitar)Doug Perry(Bass)& Jon Alfrey(Drums) have been performing in central Ohio since 1992 and recorded this superb CD in late 1998! Opening track "Rock"is a true Melodic Metal Rocker with some really cool riffs and a chorus that reminds me of Black?n?Blue! You just gotta? love all those Catchy Guitar riffs from Zeller & Martin "Comes around goes around"sounds like the perfect mixture between Def Leppard(a-la Pyromania)and Skid Row! The chorus is unbelievable catchy "Kiana"is a superb rocker a-la Firehouse again with a great chorus.In fact 'Nights off' is the only song that I don't really like, the rest is a must for every fan of Melodic Metal.Find out more about them and BUY their CD at : www.lostangel.com this stuff will rokk your soxx off :-)


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