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Sunday, 05 September 2010 07:36



Copyright (c) 1998 by Mark Zellner, Greg King, Jerry Martin, Jon Alfrey, and Doug Perry

Publisher: Thundercage

Performing Rights Society: ASCAP


Grab some of your hard-earned cash
(Huh) It’s time to go bark at the moon

When the lion’s growl and the full moon howls
And everything seems to change
When you’re all alone and nowhere to go
Do you feel like you’re going insane?
Don’t ask me how I think it should be
I’m not your preacher man
Well, if the nights your thrill, let the hourglass spill
The night is just about to begin

Nights off – Days spent
Walking through the shadows of the night
Nights off – Days spent
Come with me, see the morning light

Such a sight, just to see the light
Just before the break of dawn
Fly with me, set yourself free
Onward to the rising sun
Look at you, you know it’s true
You push yourself to the limit
You’re wild and free, you can’t fool me
I know you like the back of my hand

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