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Copyright (c) 1998 by Mark Zellner, Greg King, Jerry Martin, Jon Alfrey, and Doug Perry

Publisher: Thundercage

Performing Rights Society: ASCAP


There was a time
Just before you came around
I spent my money
Out running around
I was lonely
Looking for love
You must have been a gift
From God above
Cause, you hold me in the morning
Hold me in the night
I’ll make you mine
For the rest of my life
Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you’ll stay
I wouldn’t want it any other way

Cause, when I’m making love to you
Ooo – Baby, When we touch in the middle of the night
When you do me like you do
Ooo – Baby, I gotta tell you, I gotta tell you
Kiana, Kiana, I love you
Kiana, Kiana, I want you

There was a time
When I was wild and free
I never thought that this could happen to me
But the day was coming
When I’d stop running
Kiana baby won’t you marry me?


Kiana, Kiana, You’re my hearts desire
Kiana, Kiana, You set my night on fire


Hold me tight in the night
Never let me go
Take it nice and easy
Take it nice and slow
Ooo – Kiana, I just want you to know
BRIDGE – Girl I’m gonna make you mine
CHORUS – Just want you to know
CHORUS – Ooo, I miss you so

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