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Copyright (c) 1998 by Mark Zellner, Greg King, Jerry Martin, Jon Alfrey, and Doug Perry

Publisher: Thundercage

Performing Rights Society: ASCAP

She stays out all night long
She’s playing this game all wrong
But, it’s a game she’ll lose; She’ll never win
I’m hiding all the pain
Like tears in the falling rain
You and I will never be again
No – Never again

You could never understand
I see it in your face
I could find another girl
To take your place
So, lets pretend it’s all a game
Girl, you made your bed
If you could only see
Inside my head

I remember what you did to me
You got me – Right between my eyes
You’re a devil in disguise

You won’t believe, just what I’ve found
What comes around, just goes around
Without a word, without a sound
What comes around, just goes around

So, now it’s up to you
The thins you say or do
But, I can see
You don’t know right from wrong
And, if it’s up to me
You know I’d rather be
On my way
Before I stay too long

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